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The ‘Ham is a great place to live!

Sustainable Connections

To Market To Market…

Just a few more pictures from the BFM. Enjoy!

All pictures ©Carol A Bourns 2010

Again, with the Ice Cream

Bellingham Farmers’ Market Goodies! God Bless Mallard Ice Cream and the wonderful, happy people that serve it! Even on a rainy day, it was perfect.

Photo ©Carol A. Bourns, 2010


Random “Think About It” of the day…

(Thanks go to Goosie Girl Boutique for the image.)

“The philtrum refers to the groove that most humans have above the upper lip. The philtrum is also referred to as the infranasal depression. … it also allows humans to speak clearly and precisely…Philtrums are similar to fingerprints in many ways. All philtrums tend to be different from one person to the next, though this small grooved area is essential for proper speech and mouth development…

The word philtrum comes from the Ancient Greek word philtron, which means to love or to kiss. According to Ancient Greek mythology, the philtrum is one of the most sensual parts of the body. Thus, many stories related to this portion of the face are woven into Greek mythology. In addition, this small indentation is largely mentioned in the Jewish Talmud.

Other traditions include stories of angels hushing babies inside of the womb by placing one finger above a child’s mouth. Within a number of religions, it is believed that babies hold all the secrets of Heaven prior to being born. Thus, angels must quiet a child by erasing such memories before a child can be born. These folktales include the hypothesis that an angel’s touch upon a baby creates a small indentation.” (from Wise Geek)

I love this idea. Even though I am not a religious person, I am charmed by the comforting concept that we are hushed by angels before we enter the world, to hold the secrets of Heaven.

Yes, I am procrastinating. Today, I will work on editing my photos of the Bellingham Farmers’ Market and pull together my links, text and such for my next post. There is so much to see, taste and do there that I am half-tempted to start a separate blog just for the market.