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This Little Piggy Went to Market ….

Yes, I am still editing well over 100 photographs from my excursion to the local farmers’ market, but trust me that the wait for the pics will be worth it. Part of the fun – and frustration – of creating a new post is the decision making: Should I write a little story around the pictures? Create links to vendors’ web pages AND additional photographs? Just the vendors’ pages? Should I break up the post into several posts/entries? Maybe I should just create a pictorial post with links to the vendors at the bottom of the page. Hmmm, decisions. decisions; but I did want to give a “shout out”, before I create my Market Masterpiece, to everyone there.

Bless the vendors at the Bellingham Farmers’ Market (BFM)! They are AWESOME! Everyone there made me smile. I came back home on a manic high. It seemed that everyone there loved talking to the potential consumer about their endeavors and stewardship of food, art, beautiful crafts, etc. That made it exciting for me; I left the market feeling more alive than when I entered it.

We all need connections like this in our lives; good food, wonderful crafts and art, great people pursuing their dream, community, and conversation. Next Saturday, around 9 a.m. close your computer, turn off your television, grab your family (maybe a friend), hop on or in your favorite form of transportation (heck, walk if you are close enough) and head to your local farmers’ market! You will be happy and have a smile after you join your community, even if it is just to have look … and a nibble! Don’t forget to take a big bag to carry all your goodies home with you. Maybe head to a park afterward and have a picnic. Buy local and fresh. You will appreciate your purchases much, much more if you get to meet the people who bring the food to your table and make the arts and crafts for your home.You might even make a new friend (or ten) along the way.

See you next Saturday, my beloved BFM!

Photos ©Carol A. Bourns, 2010

If you want to visit the vendors’ websites without having to dig through my posts, look to the “This Little Piggy…” link on the sidebar here. I am compiling a list as I go along.

All Photos ©Carol Bourns-Roberts, 2010

Audrey Graffiti Art

Now, this is my kind of graffiti. I usually frown upon destruction of personal property, though I appreciate good graffiti art, but this little gem caught my eye, a year or so back. Audrey!, Napa, California
Originally, I was there for a scooter club meeting. I waited for a few members to arrive; nice people, good environment!–but AUDREY demands attention. The club members were friends from the start; such nice people. The Napa Valley is a great place!

One of my favorite places in the Napa Valley is Hall Wines. (There is a link to a scooter enthusiast here, but I am not telling.) The Rutherford location is exquisite! Definitely, take a tour of the caves if you can. The artwork on the property is a fun touch.The views and the house are breathtaking.

My friend, John Curnutt, is a great, wine consultant!.
(Plus, he is a scooter rider, too!)

If you are visiting Napa County, definitely check out:
Scarlett’s Country Inn
Gott’s Roadside (click on St. Helena, for the cool, local spot)
Napa Valley Scooter Club

!Audrey Photo ©Carol A. Bourns, 2007

Astorian Antiquities

All Photos © Carol A. Bourns, 2010

Astoria, OR
Phog Bounders Antiques